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Posted on Ene 1, 2021

An analogous situation is happening on college campuses with the student-debt crisis; for many, it is no longer worth it to go to college, and for those who do, it is incredibly difficult to get a good start in life with such high levels of debt, particularly in the current job market. Beyond the partisan gridlock and the perverse incentives imposed by the political duopoly, we seem unable to agree about basic facts — in fact, our collective sense-making seems to have vanished. They care increasingly little about serious solutions to an ever-expanding list of problems they had a powerful hand in creating; worse still, the tools given to us by our founding documents — in which the two parties are never mentioned — are seldom used with the appropriate amount of care. O A coin flip determines which candidate runs at the top of the ticket. In this sense, it is only natural that the system’s organic conservatism fights back against change — if change does not come peacefully, and if we wait too long before more-radical outcomes are preferred, the consequences for the nation and the world could be unpredictable and dangerous. As we leave more power in the hands of the two-party system, coalition politics reinforces its grip; polarization ensues, which further strengthens the influence of the two parties. It is fair to say that the political duopoly we are forced to accept creates a set of problems that threaten the survival of the nation, problems that we need to fix with system-wide changes. All articles, images, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. User account menu. Below is National Review’s conversation with Mr. Weinstein, which has been edited. Consider the way in which Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang have been treated by the Democrats and the mainstream media at-large. The ticket was Tulsi Gabbard and Dan Crenshaw. In the U.S., more than 40 percent of voters self-identify as “independent,” having already rejected the hegemony of the major parties. We have created an academic job market that produces disenchanted PhDs en masse, and this phenomenon definitely has fueled a pernicious kind of resentment. Does the rise and growth of the administrative state have a role to play in the challenges that America faces? If one of these two men is elected, will we feel like the future of the nation is in capable hands? The Unity ticket is meant to provide an alternative. Weinstein suggested an independent ticket for the 2020 presidential election: Andrew Yang and former U.S. Navy Admiral William McRaven (who oversaw the special operations raid that killed Osama Bin Laden). MB: Tacitus, a Roman historian who wrote about the perils of tyranny while serving the murderous regime of Emperor Domitian, once explained that intellectuals can choose between two paths when faced with flawed political regimes. I think that unification and de-polarization are powerful messages to run on, as is the idea that more data in politics would not hurt. The protests could result in disastrous, extreme proposals with which both parties are toying. He recently launched Unity 2020, a proposal to free the republic from the grip of what he calls our “political duopoly.” Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Remembering Who We Are We the People are Americans. No ground game happening. 141. Bret Weinstein has repeatedly claimed his is running a “unity ticket” for the 2020 presidential election. Articles of Unity / Unity 2020 Campaign ^ | June 29, 2020 | Bret Weinstein Posted on 07/05/2020 3:52:44 PM PDT by tinyowl. To anticipate a question we have gotten time and again: The Unity ticket would not be an “election spoiler,” for at least two reasons. This practice makes nationwide compromises impossible. It is possible that the Evergreen episode, not Weinstein’s professed politics, best explains why the Unity 2020 project has come into being. Of course, this de-politicization need not disqualify your account in the least; in fact, I am sure many will find this approach attractive. We are told that “now is not the time to start doing things differently” because rebelling against this binary choice will benefit the more dreadful candidate of the two — whoever that happens to be. It is one thing to say that systemic racism may not exist as it does in the minds of certain radicals; it is another to refuse to acknowledge that there are certain neighborhoods in America where opportunities are more than scarce. Weinstein launched “Unity 2020” — a “patriotic” bipartisan ticket with the president and vice president determined by coin flip — in the hopes of uniting the country. The proposal proceeds as follows. Bret Weinstein brought this up on Tucker very recently. What would have put us in the running was enough of a groundswell that we could have drafted those two people, but that groundswell did not arrive as much as people were very interested in Unity 2020, there just simply wasn’t enough visible enthusiasm to go through that process. Our plan can give us access to all 50 states. Subject: Re:#Articles of Unity 2020 Anonymous They have been waiting for four long years to fill all those cabinet and agency positions, it’s like you are literally taking food from their mouth. Naturally, someone still has to do the teaching work, so they bring in disproportionate quantities of graduate students and pay them ridiculous wages since they are technically “students.” They do most of teaching, are paid incredibly low amounts of money, and live under terrible conditions. Join us Wednesday at 8PM ET for a special Unity Campfire with James Lindsay, Jesse Singal, and Bret Weinstein. Is elite overproduction among them, and, if so, are we on the brink of revolution? By Ira Katz.

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