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Posted on Ene 1, 2021

Did a opportunistic person take advantage of her during the "Satanic Panic" in the 80's? But if it could be applied in a more therapeutic way, it might be worth doing some experiments on that.". "This study shows a couple ways people come to believe they have troubles they wouldn't otherwise endorse," says Elizabeth Loftus, a psychologist at the University of California, Irvine, renowned for her research on misinformation and false memories. Some of the defendants are still serving life sentences for crimes they probably didn’t commit—and most likely didn’t even happen in the first place.". The house in which Carol grew up has mauve and dark-red rooms that are shadow-struck and decorated with golden candlestick holders, old family portraits and statues of dogs, birds and deer. Their parents asked my parents about it when the kids would play together and it was always my father saying that it's harmless imagination, not dangerous evil. I learned about this poor woman from the podcast "Behind the Bastards"---an episode about the "Satanic Panic" that swept the US and England in the late 70's and 80's. But I could read all the Stephen King I wanted. This time, the researchers instructed both subgroups to fill out the survey honestly (although still playing the role of defendant): participants who had feigned illness were told that they had been detected as fakers and needed to complete the survey with truthful answers; the other group was told that sometimes people change their minds about their symptoms and so they should fill out the SIMS again. That I’d told him I was interested in him as more than a friend. But when it comes to remembering the important things, like a cherished childhood event, our memories are accurate and trustworthy, right? It's likely that Carol was either suffering from schizophrenia or was coached into revealing these false memories as a child or had them implanted by a well meaning but deeply misguided therapist. The experimenters subsequently provided the participants with an abbreviated 30-item version of SCL-90 and found that on the second time around people who had justified their manipulated answers filled out the SCL-90 in the direction of the manipulation. Dissociative amnesia is one of a group of conditions called dissociative disorders. Apologies if the write up was a bit scattered, I've edited it hopefully to be more clear! My false memory told me that I’d admitted to having feelings for my friend. Sadly this case is clearly a late blooming of the Satanic Panic in the UK., More posts from the UnresolvedMysteries community, Continue browsing in r/UnresolvedMysteries. I'm familiar with the case having read the article, the expanded commentary in Storr's excellent book 'The Heretics' (so named as it follows people with unscientific or irrational beliefs, it isnt focussed on the Satanic Panic or related themes) and the Felstead's book (good summation of the case but a bit repetitive and amateurish; it's a case summary by family members and not a neutral third party). It's like a lie—a kind of a lie. In psychology, false memory syndrome (FMS) describes a condition in which a person's identity and relationships are affected by false memories, recollections that are factually incorrect but yet are strongly believed. Replies analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged. Psychology and Mental Health Forum. Carol made some shocking and sickening allegations. In 2005 she suddenly contacts her brother saying she wants to come home. Was she mentally ill? "For example, when you talk about whiplash or chronic fatigue disorder, you can imagine a patient who starts out playing these symptoms, but when he is asked by a physician, 'Do you also have this or that?' If you really want to screen malingerers, you need a test that accounts for both the intentional and unintentional components. Was she mentally ill and suffered some abuse of some kind? I think what this study shows is that people can stick to the role of the malingerer, even when instructed to be honest. I have a BPD diagnosis, but I wouldn't link the two together at all, so I don't know what it is. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The best way to uncover the authentic child underneath the false self is to need to visit a therapist who specializes in childhood emotional trauma. "Andreyev was the first to describe this phenomenon, and he was a court reporter," Merckelbach says. Thus this heart-rending tale of one ordinary family's persecution by the Child Scare Industry is an exposition of what Satan Hunters did, not just to them, but to almost every other patient who fell into their clutches and the hundreds of innocents who were falsely accused because of that. 1. Always consult with your psychotherapist, physician, or psychiatrist first before changing any aspect of your treatment regimen. Before they could do so, Carol Felstead was dead in circumstances which even today after years of investigation by the family and top-class journalists, are still obscure. The concern of false memories is that the individual that endured an actual childhood trauma could be recalling events that never actually happened, which could not only reinforce the trauma, but could actually increase the negative symptoms procured by that trauma as the recalled (false) memory could be worse than the actual event (Hyman et al., 1995). Some mental health professionals believe that many of the most common psychiatric disorders are the direct result of childhood trauma. "The second experiment is more like the misinformation experiments I have done," Loftus said, referring to studies in which intentionally manipulative questions affected people's memory of footage from a car accident. Subscribers get more award-winning coverage of advances in science & technology. I have many accounts of false memories and have questioned whether I have DID. The write up is a bit difficult to follow but Will Storr's linked article is a better initial read. The principle that individuals can hold false memories and the role that outside influence can play in their formation is widely accepted by scientists. This is a topic of some personal interest for me as I was in a fundamentalist cult during that period as a child and my parents believed things like Dungeons and Dragons were Satanic and other things that seem very outlandish now.

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