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Argentine Tango as leaked

Posted on Jan 4, 2006

Argentine Tango as leaked

Release: Best tangos are played, with passion, three Ticos and Argentine Tango Essence disk before Gardel tango was instrumental. The first compositions of this genre were originally written to be accompanied only by instruments. And then, Thrush El Criollo, she gave her voice and the genre known other followers. As a tribute to the first stage is that the Costa Rican duo Castillo & Ortiz -Jose A. Castillo (Violin) and Pablo Castillo (Guitar)- Tico Chiqui -member bassist Marco Ortiz of the National Symphony Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Argentine bandoneon-Norberto Vogel -músico path joined recognized- to record Tango in Essence, an album that is now available at record stores. Popular. “Astor Piazzolla tango takes the symphonic and concert levels and that's what we do with this record, It is like a tango concert with a performance of high level”, Pablo Ortiz explained. Although the topics chosen one would think that the work is a tribute to Gardel, guitarist clarifies that it is not. “What happens is that it contains the most popular tangos, many of which are of Carlos Gardel”. The selection was put head Pablo and Roberto, who also assumed the arrangements. “We chose topics that keep the essence of the composers of the genre, are classic tangos, why we titled the work Tango Essence”, detailed the first of these extraordinary musicians. Idea. The initiative to give life to this project came two years ago when Castillo & Ortiz played with the Argentine in the IV Cycle Independence Concert. Another factor was the fact that the Ticos profess an affinity for the genre. “We love tango. In our records we recorded any “, Ortiz explained. The result has them absolutely satisfied. “Vogel himself said it's the first production outside Argentina had recorded with the true taste of tango. Buenos Aires has the stamp, sounds Argentina”, Proud says guitarist, Ortiz believes that this work will open the door to the world, in fact already paid off for the quartet was invited to present in March, the disk at the International Guitar Festival in Miami. Marcela Quirós U. This article was taken from: Tango like something out of Argentina ...

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