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Pablo Ortiz in the world

Posted on May 1, 2010

Pablo Ortiz in the world

The image of the guitarist and professor at UNA, Pablo Ortiz, travels the world as a postage stamp, as an acknowledgment that the French government awarded him the artist for the promotion of the Costa Rican and Latin American music in this country and in Europe. Recently the Government of France, through the Post Office, designó a Patrick Lanusse, professor at the Conservatory of Pau in southern France, design a stamp on the world guitarritas. The same Lanusse, proposed teacher Ortiz, to be part of this exclusive edition postal stamps. "The issuance of this stamp postal volumes me by surprise, Lanusse because the teacher sent my name to the contest without me knowing, and recently, My biggest surprise was when a friend sent me an email, commenting on the seal and then I got a letter, where in came postmarked ", Ortiz said, who met guitarist and professor Lanusse, in a seminar several years ago in France. "The teacher was impressed much Lanusse Latin American music and especially to know the Costa Rican music, while in the last four years I've played a duet with him in many places in France and Spain, and including the invité in Costa Rica, where we offered some gigs at the Eugene O'Neil Theater and gave a seminar for guitar students at the National University. The teacher Ortiz, has been one of the few Costa Rican music promoters in Europe and especially in France, even did the musical arrangement of the song "Sweet Cane grinding pa", José Daniel Zúñiga, the what is considered the first formal arrangement of this song. For next year, Master Ortiz and Patrick Lanusse, has scheduled a series of concerts in France with two guitars, and a concert with the Orchestra of Pau. Pablo Ortiz, He is regularly invited as a teacher to give seminars and master classes on guitar, Costa Rican music and rhythms of Latin America in the United States, Europe, Asia and America. Born in San Jose autodidact, Pablo Ortiz, He started playing guitar at 8 years being self-taught until the 13 years which is when he wins a scholarship to study music at the Conservatorio de Castella. That began studying guitar with the Spanish master Valentin Bielsa. Upon returning to Spain the master Bielsa, leaves recommended to work as ...

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