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Perfect amalgamation: Castillo & Ortiz

Posted on Aug 16, 2011

Perfect amalgamation: Castillo & Ortiz

By Maria Fernanda Sandoval. "Music is the art of combining sounds good in time". What happens when a violin and a guitar bind? Undoubtedly appear on stage and José Aurelio Castillo Pablo Ortiz celebrating life, rescuing songs and melodies ... This is the daily work of two great musicians, those in the path of life, many years ago and today they met, After a successful career and learning are united by music, friendship, family and two instruments: violin and guitar. When Ortiz Castillo and interpret not only an aesthetic experience live music in the listener, but witnesses live music stimulates emotions, thoughts and ideas. For them the music symbolizes a way of life and expression. Beyond a professional work, It is an adventure that inspires them daily and helps them develop personally, professionally and spiritually. We confess that was the instrument who elected. They are in love with the sound of these, those who captivate with their sounds. When everyone plays their respective instruments strings, realize that there are music fibers that vibrate and complement them. "Enjoyed it" will reflect Pablo Ortiz. His music has reached beyond our borders from America to Europe. They have original music, Costa Rican music arrangements and notes also interpret other great composers. Whenever you are on stage or in the privacy of a room making music make your own style, ensuring seduce the ears and hearts of listeners. Playing music is a delight and, catharsis, a great gift. However, both agree that there is no better detail, or special expertise, to have the pleasure of seeing the public to enjoy. The greatest gift for them is to receive the applause. Which is a very important recognition, is a valuable prize that touches their emotions when they are with their instruments. The connection is created between the audience and performers is one of the greatest pleasures to have chosen music as a profession. Last 13 and 14 August delighted us in a serenade for mothers, it was a waste of melodies penetrated very deeply into the audience. Starting next Thursday 18 August, we will have great ...

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