Pablo Ortiz

Guitarist Costarricense

With own label

Posted on Mar 15, 2012

With own label

A Monestel Pablo Ortiz was not enough that his image scour the world in the form of postage stamp, now has his own label name, after Manuel Rodriguez and Sons, one of the most prestigious brands of Spanish guitars and more fame and international production, read this dedicated musician, guitarist and academics from the School of Music at the National University (A), an exclusive model with your name. The guitarra Modelo FG Pablo Ortiz, Ortiz recently presented itself at NAMM, the most important and largest convention of music and musicians from the United States, where his guitar was very popular and the best connoisseurs comments. Early last year the French government designed a stamp on guitarists in the world and Ortiz was chosen to be part of this exclusive edition, that now goes around the world in recognition of the dedication and promotion Ortiz has given Costa Rican and Latin American music in the last 30 years. Pride did not take long for Ortiz again fill with pride not only to the ONE, but the country, to become one of the few guitarists and musician who has his own label. "I consider myself honored to a Spanish factory in both global prestige has dedicated me a special guitar model. I think this is good for the country and the national guitar ", commented an emotional Ortiz, while said "this is definitely an award and recognition for a job that has been done for many years and in which I have always tried to make up the name of my country and my university". Manuel Rodriguez and Sons, Founded in 1905, is the daughter of the School of Madrid and descendant of a long history of famous and renowned luthier luthiers height Torres and Hauser, as well as Manuel Rodriguez said Mr., father of the present head of the dynasty Rodriguez, in his book Art and Craft of Making Guitars. Ortiz said his relationship with Manuel Rodriguez III began in 1999, at a concert he performed at the House of America, Madrid. Since then, Rodriguez invited annually guitarist playing at events in Spain and Europe, where it represents and executes this instrument violin. "Little by little...

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