Pablo Ortiz

Guitarist Costarricense


Guitarist born in San Jose, Costa Rica. He started playing guitar at 8 years being self-taught until the 13 years which is when he wins a scholarship to study music at the Conservatorio de Castella, Heredia - Costa Rica; there began studying guitar with the Spanish master Valentin Bielsa. Upon returning to Spain the master Bielsa, it leaves recommended to work as a teacher in charge of the guitar career at the National University, teacher played since Bielsa, becoming the 16 years in the youngest professor to be hired by a university in Costa Rica to office of this importance, even without having completed his secondary education.

After completing his studies at the Conservatorio de Castella, travels to Spain for graduate studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid. There ends his career guitar with Demetrio Ballesteros, direct disciple of Andrés Segovia famous. Also studied Musical Pedagogy, Folklore, Musicology and Music History at the same conservatory with renowned teachers and authors such as Manuel Angulo, Dionisio Atlantico and Antonio Gallego (author of books like "Music and Society" and "History of Music II").

He studied Latin American music with Argentine master Jorge Cardoso and participated in several courses and workshops with masters such as Manuel Barrueco, Abel Carlevaro, Narciso Yepes, José Luis Rodrigo, Roberto Aussel, Alvaro Pierri, Miguel Angel Girollet, Jorge Martínez Zárate, Graciela Pomponio, Francisco Ortiz, Patrick Lanusse, Alirio Diaz, Javier Hinojosa, Baltazar Benítez y Carlos Barboza-Lima, inter alia.

In 1989 a 1995 member of the guitar duo Buzzed-Ortiz was, with guitarist Luis Buzzed, with whom he made several international tours. From 1995 and to present, part of the guitar and violin duo Ortiz Castillo and José Aurelio Castillo with, concertmaster of the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica.

As a soloist he has performed in major concert halls and theaters in Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, England, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Turkey, United States and Costa Rica, which has also been submitted as a guest soloist with numerous orchestras to perform major works as: Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo Concierto Andaluz, Concert in Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco D, Concert Southern Manuel M. Ponce, Levantine Concert Manuel Palau, Double Concerto for Guitar and Bandoneon by Astor Piazzolla, Concerto for classic guitar and jazz piano of Claude Bolling; Baroque Concert J. L. Cancer, Fasch y Antonio Vivaldi, inter alia. In 2001 was specially invited by the foundation Joaquín Rodrigo (Spain) to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Joaquín Rodrigo and was responsible for the official representation of the centenary Central level where works of this famous composer were implemented at all levels, including the Concierto de Aranjuez and Concierto Andaluz for 4 guitars and orchestra.

He has won several awards including most notably the first Young Soloists Competition (Costa Rica), Superior Guitar Competition of the Costa Rican Institute of Hispanic Culture and first prize in the international competition in Les Guitares Saubestre in Béarn, France, plus several Scholarship Award granted by the American Institute for Cooperation (Spain) and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (Costa Rica).

As a composer and arranger has a wide repertoire of works for solo guitar, violin and guitar, flute and guitar, bass and guitar, Guitar and Percussion, music for chamber orchestra, singing and guitar and music for choirs, Proof of this are his original works and arrangements included in her albums: Costa Rican music for the guitar, Amazing Grace (guitarra only), Music of Costa Rica - Pablo Ortiz (guitarra only), Wanderings (guitarra only), Essences (guitar and violin), Essences II (guitar and violin), Something about us (guitar and violin),"Tango in essence" (Guitar, Violin, bass and bandoneon) y Jasidí (song, guitar and violin); these 4 past with guitar and violin duo "and Ortiz Castillo", Concertino with José Aurelio Castillo of the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica, who does important work both nationally and internationally, con Babby Sperger (song) I Jasidí, and Norberto Vogel and Marco Ortiz in "Tango in essence".

Some of his works are inspired by rhythms and musical forms of Costa Rica and Central America, product of his research in the field of folklore and popular music. He has been an executive and artistic director of events such as the Independence Concert Series, Romance Latino, Festivals and Seminars Guitar Guitar in A.

In 2009 Post France developed a collection of guitarists in the world in which a stamp of Pablo Ortiz was included as a representative of the Costa Rican national guitar.

In June 2010, the prestigious Spanish guitar Manuel Rodriguez and Sons, presented a model of guitar made with wood from Central America to which he named guitarist Pablo Ortiz as representative of Central. This guitar, Model FG Pablo Ortiz, is a high-quality guitar sound.

Every year Pablo Ortiz was invited to present the guitar model that bears his name in the booth at NAMM Manuel Rodríguez LA, USA. NAMM is the largest and most important convention of music and musicians from the United States. Next year (2015) Paul will, For the second year in a row, one of the artists invited to inaugurate this prestigious and largest music fair. Also, along this important event, you keep playing your music on the stand of the Spanish guitar brand.

He is currently Professor Professor and coordinator of the guitar career at the School of Music at the National University in Heredia, Costa Rica. He is regularly invited as a performer and teacher for concerts, giving seminars and master classes on guitar, Costa Rican music and rhythms of Latin America, Europe, United States and Latin American countries.